No more tickets for the dinner are being accepted.  Please sign up for the after-dinner Magic Pipers Band show that starts at 8:00.  Cost is $20 per person.

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No more payments for dinner being accepted
Number of Tickets:Sold Out
Magic Pipers Band$ 20.00
When:08/26/2017 8:00 - 12:00
Where:McGregor Downs Country Club
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Brenda Fredrick
Bill Adams
Barry Armstrong
Linda Armstrong
Tim Bagnell
Kathryn Marshburn (Baldwin)
Donna Banks
Thaddeus Banks
Bill Becker
Charles (Tim) Blake
Jimmy Blaylock
Karen Baker (Burden)
Cathy Harris (Casey)
John Castranio (Castranio)
Ellen Chase
Ned Chase
Ken Conaway
Patricia Conaway
Kurt Conrath
Sandy Conrath
Bob Cox (Cox)
Debbie Cox
Kevin Crump
Fred Decker
Cindy Ogburn (Donnelly)
Tim Donnelly
Don Dye
Steve Edmundson (Edmundson)
Alice Farrar
Ellory Farrar
Lisa Lisa Byrd (Garrity)
Bob Grannan
Debra Zumbach (Grannan)
Thomas Grizzard
Mark Hansen
Debbie Harrison
Mark Harrison
Rose Miller (Heberly)
Cassandra Herndon
Cassandra Hernon
Carol Hill
Lynne Pinkerton (Holliman)
Beth Braxton (Jones)
Terry Jones
Chuck Keels
Emily Jones (King)
Michael Kuhnel
Brent Lane
Margaret Lawrence
Michael Lawrence
Gail Estes (Lessin)
Jim Lessin
Charles Lewis
Cindy Quate (Mann)
David Mann
Elizabeth Marshburn (Marshburn)
David McSorley
Becky Robinson (Midyette)
Mark Midyette
Sharon Lassiter (Morris)
Deborah Noles
Sandy Pate
Steve Pate
Vance Penny
Kirk Pollard
Sally Pollard
Emily Jones (Potter)
Dotty Martin (Reintgen)
Tony Reynolds
Brenda Lewis (Robinson)
Kathy Reynolds (Ross)
Holly Hyatt (Sides)
Connelly Simmons
Carol Smith
Robert (Lynn) Smith
Erin Brock (Stallins)
Brian Stephenson
Terry Cox (Stephenson)
Jenean Neilsen (Todd)
Ken Treimann
Mitzi Slaydon (Treimann)
Betty Truelove
Duane Tutor (Tutor)
Mary Nancy Unknown
Martha Varner-McCullen
Chris Walker
Janet Secrest (Walker)
David Waller
Karen Waller
Nancy Allen (Waller)
Randy Waller
David Wells
Marguerite Wells
Jeff White
Phil Whitt
Cindy Wilder
Ronald Wilder
Mary Williams (Williams-Kotnik)
David Wilson
Warren Woodard
Mark Zumbach
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